About Us

In June 1995 people affected by the malignant hyperthermia (MH) united and formed the Swiss Malignant Hyperthermia Association SMHA.
MH is a hereditary gene disorder. The consequence is an allergic reaction to certain anaesthetics, causing a highly elevated calcium metabolism in skeletal muscles. Consequently, the body temperature rises perilously and can lead to death.
The more members our association has, the stronger we are and therefore, our ability to assert ourselves in order to speak for affected persons is bigger. Our goal is to efficiently inform the public about MH and create awareness. By means of this homepage we hope to make information more accessible for affected persons as well as anaesthetists.


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Our association is now represented on the two largest social media channels. We will be posting news in the field of medical research concerning malginant hyperthermia, as well as interesting articles found on the web. The posts will be in either German, French or English. Our Facebook account runs by the name Maligne Hyperthermie Schweiz, while on Twitter you will find us as @MH_Schweiz.