Emergency Tags

If your are affected by MH, you can order emergency tags or emergency ID cards here.

The MH emergency tags can only be issued after the payment was received. The different payment options are mentioned on the form. It would be kind of you to use the online payment option in order to circumvent handling fees.

MH affected persons from abroad who would like to benefit from the offer have to provide a confirmation from the MH investigation centre where they were tested.

Emergency ID Card

Emergency ID cards are the size of a credit card and cost between CHF 20 and 30, depending on the ID. There are ID cards for Switzerland, international ID cards and ID cards for pregnant women.


Emergency Tag

The emergency tags cost CH 30 and consist of a thin aluminum plate (4×3 cm), where the back of the plate is engraved with emergency information about MH and your name and member’s number.

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