Assembly 2009

Protocol of the 14th Assembly of the SMHA

The 14th assembly took place on november 15th 2009 at the Old Tram Depot in Berne.

30 persons registered, 16 excused
Attendees executive committee: Matthias Rubeli, Bruno Kolb, Kathrin Censier, Gabriela Rubeli, Irene Goldinger

Guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Thierry Carrel, Bern

Agenda Items:

  1. Protocol of the Assembly 2008

    The protocol of the assembly of the 07.06.2008 in Chur was accepted by the members.

  2. Election of vote counters
  3. Annual Report of the President

    The report was sent to all members and accepted.

  4. Annual Report of the Cashier

    Financial statement/earnings statement 2008. The data was published and distributed. All questions concerning the hire of the archive at Ms. Censier were discussed and clarified.

  5. Report of the Budget Revisor

    The revisors proposed to accept the budget which was done.

  6. Budget 2010

    The budget 2010 was as planned. With the retardation of the bulletin print, we had gotten a little more space. The budget was approved of.

  7. Internet

    As the site was not the most sophisticated solution so far, amelioration is necessary and intended.

  8. Elections

    Ms. Kathrin Censier had decided to quit her job as cashier at short notice. The committee had not found a replacement at this short notice. Mr. Alois Riner volunteered to be the new cashier after his retirement (february 2010).  Matthias Rubeli enquired at trustees and concluded that if trustees did the job, the cost would be around CHF 3’000 – 4’000. In case we collected all receipts it would be around CHF 1’500 – 1’800. The former system would be preferred.  Ms. Censier’s works was accredited and she will remain as assessor in the committee. The committee was re-elected concordantly. Elmar Deflorin was elected new budget revisor.

  9. Member’s Fee

    The fee remains unchanged; CHF 80.- for couples, CHF 50.- for singles, CHF 300.- for legal person, anesthesia departments and companies.

  10. Varia

    Time and locations for the next assembly were discussed. Due to different opinions, the committee decided at a subsequent meeting the location and time.