Bulletin No. 15 2012/2013

The last bulletin comprises the following topics:Bulletin Nr. 13

  • Template letter for kin of MH patients
  • Rare illnesses in Switzerland
  • Annual member’s assembly in Basel
  • MH DVD
  • News from the MH diagnostics lab in Basel
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Bulletin No. 14 2011/2012

This bulletin comprises the following topics:

  • Rare illnesses
  • Genetics of Malignant Hyperthermia
  • Presentation of the MH app

Bulletin No. 13 2010/2011

The last bulletin comprises the following topics:

  • Member assembly
  • Personal experience of an MH patient
  • The peculiarity of Dantrolen
  • News from the MH lab
  • Birth of a probably MH-positive child
  • New MH cards
  • Humanitarian commitment in Russia