Assembly 2016 – Lenzburg

The 21st member’s assembly took place on August 27th 2016 at the Restaurant Oberstadt in Lenzburg.

To attract potential new members, the secretary of the MH laboratory was asked to distribute the information on the SMHA to everyone taking the susceptibility test. The financial situation of the MH laboratory is alarming. Prof. Dr. Thierry Girard informed the members that due to cutbacks a 2nd professorship of anaesthesia was cut, leading to restrictions on research. The MH diagnostic centre of the University hospital Basel will be maintained.

The committee hopes to find a replacement for the vice-president Bruno Kolb, who was a member of the committee since 2003. His accomplishments were thanked. A person with initial interest unfortunately declined last minute. Several members of the committee would like to step back in the near future. The president will step back next year.



Dr. Oliver Bandschapp presented an American study on how statines (to reduce cholesterol) could influence the in-vitro contraction test or the in-vivo MH reaction. The study was performed with pigs and led to the following conclusions: The administration of statines to pigs susceptible to MH led to stronger contractions (spasms) during the contraction test with halothane. The test results of MH-negative pigs were normal, with or without the administration of statines. This case study showed a trend towards an earlier MH reaction for pigs under statine treatment. The dynamic of the muscle force was strongly altered in MH-positive pigs. This is an important clinical sign for the recognition of an MH crisis; the muscle stiffness (rigor) could be missing in case of a statine treatment.