Assembly 2014 – Muri AG

The 19th member’s assembly took place on September 20th 2014 at the Hotel Ochsen in Muri AG. The assembly was dedicated to the heart, as the hearts of the last Austrian-Hapsburg imperial couple Karl I. and Zita are buried at the monastery church of Muri.

The association will celebrate its 20-year anniversary next year and the committee still consists of mainly founding members. To secure the future of the association, new committee members are needed. The next member’s assembly celebrating the anniversary will take place on June 27th 2015 in Bern and will be combined with a visit to the parliament building.

It was discussed how well hospitals and ERs are informed on the current MH emergency tags and cards. Prof. Girard stated that it could not hurt to educate the emergency cares on this subject once again. The issue does not arise with the emergency services, as they do not administer gaseous or vapour-like sedatives or medication, which would act as a trigger for MH.



Prof. Dr. Thierry Girard of the MH diagnostic centre Basel gave a talk on MH in the context of pregnancy. He advised parents-to-be to inform the hospital, where the birth will take place, as early as possible on the subject of MH. This way, alternative narcotics as well measures to interact in case of a crisis can be organised well in advance. Even if only the father is susceptible to MH, the mother must be treated throughout the pregnancy as if she herself were MH-positive. There exists a special MH emergency card for pregnant women, which can be shown to the medical personell in charge.

Furthermore, there exists an alternative to Dantrolen in order to treat MH. The new medicament is manufactured in the USA but not yet registered in Switzerland. It promises an easier handling but it is more expensive than Dantrolen.