Assembly 2011 – Aarau

The assembly took place on September 10th, 2011 at the Restaurant Rathausgarten in Aarau.
Main topics were the creation of a new homepage and the desire of our secretary Irene Goldinger to step back from her position. Ms. Goldinger is willing to continue as a secretary until the next member’s assembly. The committee hopes to find a replacement in due time.

Franziska Balmer created a new homepage over the last couple of months. She will act as webmaster and administrate on all topics concerning the homepage. The committee proposed to make the webmaster an official member of the committee, which was acclaimed by the members.

Franziska Balmer presented the new homepage. The alterations were overdue, as the previous homepage was based on out-dated software. The new homepage is state of the art, much cheaper and has more options for creative adaptations. The professional-looking homepage has a modern design, is well-arranged, user-friendly and informative. It seems to attract attention, as the daily number of visitor has climbed up to 60. Ms. Balmer welcomes the members to participate and let her know in case of news or topics of interest to integrate into the homepage.

It was discussed it the bulletins should be sent by e-mail in the future and what time of year was preferred for assemblies. The members still prefer the postal delivery of the bulletins. The general assemblies will be held in spring/summer, in accordance with any potential guest speakers.


  • PD Dr. Thierry Girard – “Genetic Examinations in Terms of Malignant Hyperthermia”. Furthermore, he presented the new iPhone App he developed for MH diagnosis and therapy.
  • Kathrin Censier, MPH, dipl oec. –  “Rare Diseases in Switzerland: Effects on the Example of Persons Susceptible to Malignant Hyperthermia.”